Dear families,

Linzgau Kinder- und Jugendheim e.V. is a specialist educational unit for children and young people. If you are interested in seeking support for your child or your family, this is where you can find out more about our services, which are customized and combined especially to suit your needs.

  • School support
  • Support through residential-care and specialised residential care
  • Temporary support during school time or after school

If you would like to send us an application through your local social services we would be very happy to hear from you.

School support

Does your child need support to improve his or her social interaction? Together with you, we look for solutions to encourage and support your child’s social and emotional development and help your child return to a suitable mainstream school. In our special needs school, social interaction is one of our priorities. In small classes, your child is helped by trained teams of teachers.

The atmosphere in our classrooms is supportive, we encourage our pupils with the respective patience and determination to help them learn to regulate their behaviour and handle conflicts in a suitable manner. Once the children’s emotional stability and their motivation to learn have been restored and boosted, we gradually raise the standards required of them.  Your child can conclude his or her time spent at this school with a special-needs school leaving certificate (Förderschulabschluss), a secondary-school leaving certificate (Hauptschulabschluss) or technical school leaving certificate (Werkrealschule) or your child can be returned to mainstream education.

Young people who need continued careers support after finishing the 9th grade can attend our vocational college classes, which will prepare them for work and a career (VAB: Vorbereitung auf Arbeit und Beruf). In these classes, pupils are given insight into a variety of professions and we help them find out what kind of profession they would like to go into or help them look for a suitable internship, job or apprenticeship.

For more information, please follow the link to our school: Janusz-Korczak-Schule

Targeted temporary support services during school time or after school

Your child is in mainstream education but is displaying behavioural problems. You and your child’s teacher would like additional support and orientation at school. Our employees in the area of School Support and Integration can help ensure that your child receives exactly the kind of help he or she needs to interact with the class and come to terms with and enjoy the classroom environment.

One of the difficulties might be that problems have arisen at home which make it hard for your child to follow rules in everyday situations.

Or is your child frequently drawn into conflicts with other children? Maybe he or she does not have many friends or a lack of hobbies or interests outside of school.

Our staff in the area of Social Group Work provides a framework within which children are made aware of social interaction and learn how to deal with other people.
We are also interested in helping you, the parents, in your role and would like you to see us as a place to seek advice or talk about the kinds of issues that arise in connection with bringing up children.

You can find out more about this support service by following the link Community Care (ambulante Hilfe)

Support in residential care and specialised residential care

Children and teenagers live here for a specific period of time as a member of one of our residential care groups. Up to eight children and teenagers can live together in a group and are looked after by a team of qualified staff. Children are able to attend all mainstream schools in the area or go to our own School for Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (Schule für Erziehungshilfe).

The frequency of visits home at weekends and during the holidays is discussed together with you, your child as well as with social services, and the schedule is reviewed regularly and modified as needed.

The remit of our concepts and our staff is to provide your child with the best possible support and encouragement. This is why intense contact and collaboration with you as the parent is so important. In meetings with you, we discuss whether the objective of the support and care provided should either be the return of the child to you, the parent, or with regard to older teenagers and young adults whether they can be prepared for leading their lives independently.

Click the link On-site care (stationäre Hilfe) to gain an impression of everyday life in our residential care groups and to find out more information about us.

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